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Women’s Health Tea 🌺

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🌺 Indulge in our Women's Health Tea, a delightful fruity blend packed with essential vitamins and minerals tailored to support women's well-being. Specially crafted to promote hormone balance, radiant skin, and overall health, this tea is a soothing and effective addition to your daily routine.

This Tea might be for you if you struggle with:

- Disregulated/Unbalanced Hormones

- PMS Symptoms/ Menstrual Cramping / Heavy Periods

- Inflammation in the body 

- Mood swings/Anxiety

- Low energy / Low libido 

- Acne, especially hormonal acne 


🌿 Herbal Benefits:

  • Red raspberry leaf Red raspberry leaf tea is a uterine tonic. It soothes menstrual cramps . It is high in vitamins and minerals which play an important role in regulating hormones.
  • Nettle Another well known herb that supports overall hormone health and fertility. It is also micronutrient rich in things like manganese, iron, zinc and more.
  • Oatstraw Contains diuretic properties which is helpful for reducing inflammation, and magnesium which can help to relax the muscles, and menstrual cramping.
  • Dried hibiscus petals → Mostly for flavour, and adds a fruity, berry-like taste. In addition, it is enjoyed by many to help promote healthy blood pressure levels and can help achieving radiant skin.
  • Lavender Buds → Can provide relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote a sense of calmness, which can be beneficial during the menstrual cycle.

Usage: Drink 1-3 cups a day for best results.

CAUTION: Avoid taking this tea if you are pregnant, have any allergic reaction to the ingredients or take medication for blood pressure. It is recommended to take this tea in moderation (1-3 cups a day).

**Not a substitute for medical advice**: This tea is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.


Size: 35 Grams (Around 15 servings)

Women’s Health Tea 🌺
Women’s Health Tea 🌺 Sale price$15.00 AUD Regular price$17.00 AUD

Customer Reviews

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Tyra M.
I love this Tea!

This tea tastes great. It has a nice calming effect. I take it before my period and I noticed my PMS and period cramps have reduced! Thank you